Can I Buy A Home Again After A Short Sale?

Hi this is Chris Bowers and I am the owner and team leader of The Bower’s Team. We are one of the leading real estate and short sale teams in the Arizona area. I would like to encourage you to contact us if you are facing a difficult financial situation and are having trouble paying your mortgage. We can offer you the help you need and provide you with information on doing a successful short sale of your home.

I wanted to answer a question for you today that I get asked all of the time, “Can I buy another home or get a loan once I do a short sale?” The answer is yes, technically you could, but you need to have a lot of things going in your favor to do that. People have done this in the past, but it would have to be a specific situation to make this happen.

Usually, however, when people short sale their properties, they have to wait two to three years until they qualify for a home again. Once we get the approval on your short sale, I have an agent get you into a rental property for a few years. We stay in touch with you throughout that time and help you get your credit back to where it needs to be. When those two to three years is up, we’ll help you buy a new property.

Please give us a call for a consultation. In this consultation we’ll tell you what we need from you to do a short sale, what the short sale process looks like, and how we’ll get you into another home when that waiting period is up. Again, please give us a call; we would love to sit down with you, help you assess your financial situation and get started towards successfully short selling your home.

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