Can I Short Sale My Property With Tenants In It?

Hi this is Chris Bowers; I’m the owner and team leader of The Bowers Team in Arizona. We’re one of the leading short sale teams in the Arizona area, so I’d like to encourage you to reach out to us if you are having trouble paying your mortgage or are underwater on your home. We can share with you the benefits and advantages of doing a short sale on your home.

I received a call this week from a potential short sale client asking me questions about tenants in her condo. They wouldn’t be moving out for awhile and she was wondering what to do about her situation. We want to explain to you what to do because there are a lot of investment homeowners out there in this situation that don’t reach out for help. Many people in this situation think that just because they have renters in their property it means that they can’t put their home on the market.

In all actuality, yes you can put your home on the market. If you think you need to short sale your property, we need to get your home on the market as soon as possible. We’ll make the process as smooth as possible for your renters and can contact them for you. We’ll explain to them how we’ll be short selling the property and offer them our services to try and find them a new home.

We don’t want to see anyone’s home go to foreclosure because they have renters in the property and don’t know what to do or are afraid to sit down and discuss the situation with them. Give us a call; we’ve seen all of these situations and we can help you out. Our phone number is located on our website or you can fill out the form and we’ll get in touch with you. We look forward to helping you with all of your short sale needs.

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