Do I Need A Hardship To Do A Short Sale?

I’m Chris Bowers, owner and team leader of The Bowers Team, one of the leading short sale and real estate teams in the Arizona area. Thanks for coming to this video blog today and checking out our website. The reason for this blog is just to answer questions that most people have when it comes to short selling their homes.

A question that I get asked all the time is, “Do I have to have a hardship when I’m short selling my home?” Yes, you do have to have a hardship; we’ve helped people that haven’t had the most traditional of hardships. You are required to write a letter to the bank and tell them what’s happening in your life that you want to short sale your home. Some hardships are divorce, job loss, pay cut, job transfer, death in the family, medical expenses, or your child needs to move school districts for personal reasons. These are just a few untraditional hardships that have qualified some individuals for a short sale and there are a lot more.

What we’re asking you to do is to give us a call and describe your situation to us. We’ll be able to determine what your hardship is from what you tell us. If you have short sale questions or are thinking about short selling your property, give us a call. We’ll ask you to come into our office for a consultation where you can tell us what’s going on with your home and why you need to short sale. We’ll answer questions you might have and when you leave our office you can decide whether or not you still want to short sale your property. We’re very low pressure and more information based. Please reach out to us and we can set up an appointment with you to discuss your situation. Feel free to call us at 623.266.1939 or fill out the form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss a potential short sale on your home.

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