Do You Have An Auction Date Pending And Think It’s Too Late To Short Sale?

Hello everyone my name is Chris Bowers and I am the founder and team leader of the Bowers Team, your Arizona short sale specialist, thank you for joining me today. Our team of experts are working every day to help Arizona homeowners avoid foreclosure and I use my blog to share valuable information on that very topic. If you are already behind on your mortgage or just having trouble making your payments please visit my website or give me a call to discuss your real estate options.

For my blog today I wanted to discuss the possibility of a pending auction date and what it means for your short sale options. Often times I get phone calls from Arizona homeowners asking about a letter they received indicating their home will be sold in a few months. This topic actually came to mind from a recent conversation with a lady who told me she couldn’t do a short sale because her home was being sold in only three weeks. Even if time is not on your side often times I have been able to push back that auction date, allow you to stay in the home longer, and ultimately complete a short sale on the property. Of course it is still best to contact an Arizona short sale professional once you fall behind on your mortgage but it is still nice to know we may be able to help you in your twenty fifth hour.

So if you struggling to make your mortgage payments, or if a short sale just makes business sense, take a minute to give me a call in order to arrange a free consultation to find out what your real estate options are. Thank you for your time today and I hope to hear from you soon at the Bowers Team in Arizona.

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