Do You Need Help With Your Bank Of America Mortgage?

Hi this is Chris Bowers with The Bowers Team in Arizona. We’re one of the most experienced short sale and real estate teams in the area and I’d like to encourage you to check out our website or get in touch with us if you are having trouble paying your mortgage or are facing foreclosure. We can provide you with the information and resources you need to determine if a short sale is the best choice for your difficult financial situation. If so, we can explain exactly what a short sale is and walk you through the process, beginning to end.

I wanted to talk to you today about Bank of America home loans. If you have a Bank of America mortgage right now and need to short sale your property, please reach out to us. Over the past four years we’ve been doing a lot of business with Bank of America; they’re probably the number one lender that we work with. They’ve actually got a pretty simple process when it comes to doing a short sale on a home. They use an online system where we upload all the paperwork and get answers from them through this system called Equator. Equator is a great system for doing short sales because it holds all parties involved accountable and really streamlines the process.

Right now if you’re behind on your payments or even if you have a Bank of America home loan and are wondering if you can short sale your property, please reach out to us and ask us questions. The best thing for you to do is find out what your options are and make an educated and informed decision. Give us a call at 623.266.1939; we look forward to talking with you about your Bank of America home loan and a possible short sale. Thanks and have a great day.

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