Everything You Need to Know about Short Sales and Going Through a Divorce

Hi, my name is Chris Bowers and I am the owner and team leader of The Bowers Team, your Arizona short sale specialists. There is a really unique situation when it comes to short selling your home and that is divorce. We’ve been helping out a lot of people over the last few years, last four years actually since we’ve been doing short sales. The most unique situation is the divorce because you usually have two parties, the husband and the wife and they are usually not on the greatest of terms anymore and they want to sell their property.

We have actually had two situations that have happened this week where people were in a divorce situation and we’ve seen this situation a lot so we really know how to handle it. What I want to let you know is maybe it’s just you right now and you are thinking about short selling your home and you have to get your spouse on board and maybe it’s a soon to be ex-spouse, just give us a call. We can guide you through that process of what it is going to look like for you and how we can get this to the next stage.

You might be saying, hey my spouse is crazy and they aren’t going to be on board. You’d be surprised, what we do is we have you come into our office first, we will talk to you about what we can do and then usually from there we can get your spouse‚Äôs information. We can contact them because we have found out that it is actually best for us to actually touch base with them then you. Then we can have them come into our office on a separate meeting and then between us we can be the mutual party between you two and help short sell your property.

We’ve helped a lot of people in the past, so if you are in that unique situation where you are going through a divorce and you need to short sell your property and you just don’t know where to turn, please give the Bowers Team a call, again we are your Arizona short sale specialists and we would be happy to help you with your short sale. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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