If Your Short Sale Doesn’t Have A Game Plan You Could Be Wasting Time

Hello everyone my name is Chris Bowers, founder and team leader of the Bowers Team in Arizona, thank you for your time today. Our team of short sale specialists are working with Arizona homeowners every single day to help find the best possible solution for avoiding foreclosure. If you are behind on your mortgage or have seen the value of your home greatly diminished please take a minute to browse my website or contact me directly to find out how the Bowers Team can help get you out from under your mortgage debt.

Today for my blog topic I wanted to talk with you about the importance of putting together the right game plan for each and every Arizona homeowner in order to have a successful short sale. One thing I have noticed after four years of successfully closing short sales is that every Arizona homeowner has a different, unique situation with different needs and different wants. Because of this it is important to sit down with each and every client to find the best possible game plan in order to achieve their goals from a short sale. I believe taking the time to develop this game plan has been one of the keys to our success in helping so many Arizona homeowners over the last four years. At the end of the day I am here to fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations which is why the Bowers Team is your best choice for a short sale agent.

If you have any questions on the short sale process, or just questions about your mortgage, please call me today to schedule a free consultation. If you are unsure if a short sale is right for you try out the Short Or Stay Calculator on my website to find out more. Thank you for your time today and I look forward to hearing from you soon at the Bowers Team of Arizona.

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