Is there Life After Completing a Short Sale on Your Home?

Hi, my name is Chris Bowers with the Bowers Team, one of Arizona’s number one short sale teams. I want to talk today about life after a short sale. I know when our clients come into our office and we have a short sale consultation with them a lot of times we go over with them how the short sale process actually works. Such as the paperwork they are going to need, what the process is going to look like, how people are going to be coming to their home and looking at it and the negotiation path that we are going to be using with their bank.

What we have found out over the last few years is that people are coming in to learn about the whole entire situation and what’ going to happen after they short sell their property. They realize that they probably haven’t been making payments on their property so they have some dings on their credit or their credit report isn’t looking the best so they want to know what they are going to do.

I’m letting you know that there are options after short selling your property. We have been helping people for about 4 and a half years successfully close on their short sales and what we do is we set up a really solid game plan when you come into our office on not only what it’s going to look like when we short sell your property but what the game plan is going to be like afterwards and how we will get you into a rental property for a few years and help you qualify for another home loan so you can soon be a homeowner again.

Again, I’m Chris Bowers with the Bowers Team, one of Arizona’s number one short sale teams and we are here to help. What we would like for you to do is just reach out to us. Please give us a call today at 623-266-1939 or fill out one of our forms on our website and we will reach out to you. We would just like to talk to you about your situation and answer any questions that you might have and we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot and have a good day.

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