Take Advantage Of A Seller’s Market By Doing A Short Sale

Hi, my name is Chris Bowers and I’m the owner and team leader of The Bowers Team in Arizona. I want to talk about Bank of America short sales. The Bowers Team has been doing short sales and closing short sales for over four years now. In the four years that we’ve been doing short sales in Arizona, the most common bank that we have worked with is Bank of America.

Right now we have an inventory shortage in Arizona; there are a little more than 10,000 single family homes in all of Maricopa County, which is an all-time low right now. This means that we are in a seller’s market, so if you have ever thought of short selling your property now would actually be the time to do it.

If you just have some basic questions on short sales, you can browse around this website and get some of your questions answered or give us a call at The Bowers Team; I would like to talk to you and answer any questions that you might have, hear what you are going through and learn more about what your situation currently is. I’ll let you know how we can help.

Also, if you aren’t sure whether or not a short sale is right for you, or are wondering if you should stay in your home, I encourage you to take advantage of our Short or Stay Calculator. By entering in some of your basic property and loan information, the calculator will create a report for you telling you how long it will take for your home to become an asset again and also how much money that will take. Many of our customers have used it to help them figure out their current situation.

Please contact us whenever you have a chance and you are ready to start the short sale process. We look forward to talking with you, guiding you through the short sale process and helping you successfully short sale your home.

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