What Does The Short Sale Process Look Like With The Bowers Team?

Hi this is Chris Bowers with The Bowers Team, Arizona’s short sale specialist. I wanted to talk to you today about the short sale process. There are a lot of steps to the process so what I would like to do is go over some of the basic steps.

Typically, we like to set up a short sale consultation and create a game plan that’s going to work for you. This is also when we answer questions you may have; when we do an initial consultation, we get questions ranging from very simple to very advanced. You can leave our office and determine if a short sale is the path that you would like to take. If you choose to do a short sale, you fill out the short sale package. It contains your financial information and we need this to start the process. Once we receive this from you, we can go out to your property and tell you what your home is actually worth. We can then put your home on the market, get some showings and get a written offer from the buyer.

Once we get an offer, we take your short sale package and the buyer’s contract and send them to the bank letting them know that you are now going to short sale your property. From there it can take a few months to get an approval from your bank. What we’re striving for at The Bowers Team is that approval letter allowing you to walk away from the property. Really our goal is to take you through these steps to get the short sale approval letter so that you can move on.

What we’d like to do is schedule a short sale consultation with you where you come to our office and we can answer any questions you have. What we’ll do in the consultation is go through these steps in greater detail so that you can determine if a short sale is right for you and your family. Give us a call at 623.266.1939 or fill out one of the forms on our website allowing us to contact you.

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