Why Should You Choose The Bowers Team to Short Sale your Home?

Hi, this is Chris Bowers with the Bowers Team and we are Arizona’s leading short sale team. I just wanted to talk to you a minute about why you should choose the Bowers Team to short sell your property. Here at the Bowers Team we have a very structured approach to short sales and how we handle our business. That would accredit to why we have such a high success rate of getting approvals on short sales. We are above an 85% success rate when it comes to short selling your home.

We get a lot of referrals from our past clients. Once we successfully closed their short sale, they refer us to their family and friends. That’s another reason why you should use the Bowers Team. Also we have banks that refer us business. We actually get referrals from Chase. People call in to the 1-800 number at Chase or go into their local branch and they actually refer them to the Bowers Team. Also my brokerage I work for at Home Smart of 4,500 agents here in the Arizona area, they actually refer us short sale business when people call into the office.

There are just a lot of reasons to use the Bowers Team. We are a very professional team, and we don’t take no for an answer when it comes to your bank. We really just follow the process through and we keep you updated and we make sure this happens and we get to a successful approval on a short sale. Again, I’m Chris Bowers with the Bowers Team, your Arizona short sale specialists and we’re here to help. So if you need to short sale your property in the Arizona area, reach out to us today. Our number is 623-266-1939. Thanks and have a great day.

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